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Each day I walk a road that twists through life
and at the end of each imperfect step
I find another step, another stride
that leads to houses known as homes inside

Each day I walk a road that seems alone
that does not carry footprints’ memories
Yet when I walk I know the roadsides hold
a thousand feet, and numbers yet untold

Each day I walk a road and think I walk
without an angel by my every side
Yet as I walk I smile because I know
my God walks each sore step along my own

And as I walk I travel through this life
to homes, in others’ shoes, and by myself
And every time I lift my shadowed feet
I span a soul, a step upon this street

Nov 10/11

The Narrow Path

I wander and the world speaks not my name
I look upon the brooks, content with light
And laughter; and the sea by man untamed
Sits, and the sky though slightly marred is bright
But as the world rests I my feet urge on
In rhythms better regular than right
Still seeking, for to heaven I am drawn
Where envy, ever dark, will lose the sight
That sees the stones ahead more loved than I
And trees above my head much more content
Bright birds more blessed in their fertile sky
And beasts upstanding where my back is bent
For though this road is hard I’d rather stay
Upon the narrow path than from it stray

written Jan 30/15