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[You’ll Never Hear Me Say It]

This is shaping up to be a week of strange juxtapositions. I had this poem ready to go Monday evening, but somehow couldn’t put the finishing touches on it until today. Boredom and distraction strike all too quickly, and yet, there hardly seems enough time in each day to get some work done…. Anyways, all this dreary stuff to say that last weekend was a delight, and so, for once, I’ve got a joyful poem for you.

You’ll never hear me say it, but I’m

part of me wonders:
what did I miss?
those few days spent together
turned to ten years spent apart
and yet, we are richer for it

Somehow our friendship survived

the death of a parent
the deconstruction of our families
the gentle growth of new life
friendships, bridges built
on a foundation once crumbling

You’ll never hear me say it, but I Continue reading [You’ll Never Hear Me Say It]


Do you ever have
moments in your head?
You play them back,
wondering what went wrong
and what didn’t.

Something you said?
Possible. You know
you’re not that smooth.
Or did you mishear
her tone and his intentions?

Then it gets annoying
when the moment won’t leave
and you’re stuck
staring at it for hours,
still unsure.

You’re wondering if
the moment is a regret.
You know,
one of those phrases
you hang on to forever.

And later that month
you’re still waiting.
The data is gone,
and the sound is fuzzy,
but that moment’s still there.

Apr 19/16