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Reflections On Truth

There are always absolutes.

The statement above
is an absolute
– it defines some truth
I believe with
my entire being.

Our truths can differ
But if they differ
they – by definition –
are not really truths.

Opinions. Perceptions. Viewpoints.

Not truth
Never truth –

Even if we are both wrong
Even if my green
is your red
– and it turns out that
maybe it was yellow all along –
Even then
there must still be a truth
that defies our expectations
our subjective differences.

Don’t tell me that
all I need is my intuition.

Sure I love it – but it’s not the point
Figuring out who I  am
is important
– but it’s not the point of life
It’s not what keeps me going
when everything seems grey
It’s not what makes me get out of bed
after a long night spent awake
wishing I could sleep forever.

I know you might think
that I’m wasting my potential
or that I’m simply living
my own reality.

But faith isn’t a reality
– it’s real
My beliefs may define who I am
but they are not private
This culture may define my thoughts
as both secular and sacred
but they are neither because
my thoughts are not the center
My self is not the center.

I refuse to live in self centeredness
because the world is bigger
than just my head.

Jan 12/15