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Daily Prompt: Foreign

On a whim, I checked the daily prompt and found myself instantly inspired by poignant reminders of my experience abroad – how no matter where I go, I am simultaneously always visiting, and yet constantly at home.

via. Daily Prompt: Foreign

in a word, i am
foreign in the culture i
call home
a backdrop of canadian swamp
shot through with tropics
where the jungles roam

where austrian roots and
lost romanian language skills have Continue reading Daily Prompt: Foreign

Home is Where…?

Today is prompt response day:

Home Turf – Name five things in your house that make it a home.”

Considering the fact that I just recently moved out for the first time, this is incredibly relevant. So here’s a “double poem” – a mishmash of old ideas coupled with a new layout:

Home is Where…?

“Home is where the heart is,”
says the head
says heart –
“Yes, you,”
says the head

“But home is where the food is,”
says the tongue
“But I don’t taste,”
says heart –
“The food,”
says the tongue

“Home is where we sleep,”
say the bones
says heart –
“I know no sleep,”
it sighs.

“Home is not a place,”
says the nose
“But you smell it
in your head.”
“My head?”
asks heart

“Home is where….”
the head, it stops
says heart
“Where we are.”
“Where we are.”

Sep 21/15