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Palace of my dreams (part II)

In truth, I’ve been writing this poem for
several months now, every few
days in my head.

I ascend the wooden stairways, go up
up through the heavy gate inset with a
sword, take two hundred (or so) steps
and begin again. Continue reading Palace of my dreams (part II)


Perhaps not the best poem to start off a new school-year with, but I suppose it’ll do.


My poems are just
empty strings of words

They don’t rhyme like
everybody secretly thinks they

Cause they’re just thoughts
pulled out of the crevices in my

My head isn’t the way
it ought to be

Thoughts move a lot slower
and faster than they used

And panic threatens to
eat me when I

When I sleep the sky
turns kinda

I wake up twenty-three times
in the early morning

Because my brain forgets
which house I am sleeping

Today it’s the corner
of my friend’s

I don’t sleep in my own house
anymore because it’s empty

Just like my poetry
the sheets never quite wear

And yet they’re still in disarray
when I struggle to wake

Aug 25/16


Day one of my first series, and I’m already behind… sounds about right. Anyways, here’s last week’s poetry: a piece that explores how hard it is to be away from the people you love. Expats, college kids, and newly-moved-out folks, this is for you.


I sit here.
I only talk to you
– I sit here,
staring at the
cracks in the ceiling,
those black memories
we made fall when
I sit here,
no longer remembering
no longer privy to
this daily ache inside
and when
I sit here
I just think because
I’m all alone
and you can’t hear
the thoughts I send your way
the thoughts I try
to send your way
and now
I sit here –
I’m not comfortable
and this precious life
I’m living feels
so loud like I’m alive
and still
I sit here
and I think and say
no words because
the silence makes me feel
that when
I sit here
I’m surrounded by
the thoughts you send
my way when

you just sit there
and you think of me

Sep 28/15