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History and Blog Maintenance: PI#1

~ PI#1 – Personal Interlude #1 ~

FullSizeRendercropAs some of you might know, I have recently been selected as one of four recipients of the Colonel Douglas H. Gunter Memorial Award, which is presented by the Canadian War Museum and Friends of the Canadian War Museum. I received the scholarship for a wood burning project I did on the topic of War and Media. (You can find a link to the project I made here. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page where the winning entries are posted.)

I figure this is as good a time as any, then, to let you know that if you ever have the chance to take a history course, you should do so. Understanding history is crucial to understanding the political climate and context of current events, and the History course I had the pleasure of taking this past year taught me this more than ever; In fact, I am even considering eventually majoring in military or ancient history.

So yeah. I hope to be posting on historical facts and events occasionally, and at any rate, some of my poems are inspired by history and the past in general. That being said, however, my blog will likely dwell more and more on art over the next year and a half as I begin my college studies in the visual and creative arts. And while I’m on the topic of blog maintenance, I hope you enjoy the new look. I know I do.

Jul 23/15



Listen to this story, children
This riddle:

They stake their lives
On crowds and soft cries
Put their hands on the line
Wait for the train
As the train tracks
Are a line in a line
A line within a line, I said

Guess their names, child
What are their names?
No one knows, which is sad
But the secret is
I know it of the train:

Soft cries, crowds, I said
They cheer either side
Though the stakes are high
“The train is coming!”
Wild they stand and scream
For either side at the end

Screams, I said
Though I cannot describe
Those horrible screams on their faces
While blood
In thick streams
Runs down the iron rails
Sound fades
As the train Rumbles away

And the lull lasts
When the train has passed
Their hands, bruised and swollen
Lie broken and unmoving, mostly
While some are gone

“Thank you
For the sacrifice –
I know you lost and I know who won
We cheer for the train now
But thank you for the show
We bandage your hands
With kisses before you go
And I say
We salute the loss.”
They said. “We salute the loss.”

But children, know their names –
Children know my name
And remember this story
For I lost my hands for this,
For fame.

written Aug 26/13 under the title “We Salute the Loss”

“Hello World”

“Hello World”: these are the first two words an aspiring programmer is supposed to type into his python (or java) engine. I figure it’s good enough for a blog too – it has the feel of saluting a grand audience of electronically connected listeners, a sea of invisible ears (eyes, really) with little mouths and vocal chords attached to the fingers.

Welcome to the wonderful world of “my blog”: an as-of-yet unformed entity that will eventually consist of a series of essays, informative paragraphs, pictures, stories, and excerpts. The goal of [insertcleverwordplay] is to educate and exhibit interesting things within the scope of three general categories: Writing, Art, and Fantasy World Building (a wondrous topic which I will introduce you to in a future post). As an aspiring artist and writer I hope to interest you in the topics I have come to love. By writing about my interests, passions, successes, failures, and ideas, I hope to spur your imagination and expose you to new topics, teaching you something novel and exciting about my small corner of this beautiful world.