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Haiku for the Braindead

It’s that time of the year again: the semester’s end, where the days consist of more schoolwork than sleep, the nerds run for cover, and the all-nighters begin. I call it Haiku Season – cause seventeen syllables is about all I’ve got brainpower for. Continue reading Haiku for the Braindead


Tired Haikus (Part 2)

After publishing those three haikus yesterday, I ended up writing more… enjoy Part 2 of my tired ramblings. Part 1 can be foundĀ here. Part 3 and 4 are set to roll out over the next few days.


Today I drew a
Two-friggen-hour drawing
Can you tell I’m tired?

Still have charcoal smudged
All over my half-washed hands
Can you tell I’m tired?

But I won’t bother
Taking a shower tonight
Can you tell I’m tired?

Dec 8/15