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RWBY: 3 Seasons in a Nutshell

**Spoilers from seasons 1-3**

This is it. Volume 4’s final episode just came out (on YouTube), which means that all the folks who’ve been staving off so they can binge watch the show are about to be rewarded for their patience.

To celebrate the occasion, here’s a little “in a nutshell” thing that I wrote during the hiatus this summer. It may be stereotypical, it may be inaccurate, it may be chronologically messed up, but I hope it’s at least mildly amusing for those of you who love this awesome show as much as I do.

[Note: if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, RWBY is an animated, anime-inspired show produced by Rooster Teeth. You can check it out here.]

RWBY in a Nutshell:

*dies of excitement*

Roman: yo everybody look at me! I’m the bad guy here yo!

Cinder: yeah no, he’s not actually the bad guy….

Weiss: the White Fang are obvs the bad guys. I’m a victim, okay? Continue reading RWBY: 3 Seasons in a Nutshell