About Me

Life’s necessities… the things you need to scrape by, to get you through the day

Curious about life? You’ve come to the right place… if you like poetry, that is. Or art, or worldbuilding, or really really sharp swords.

Sharp swords, you say? Yeah, I like those. Dull ones too, to be honest…

Anyways, welcome to [insert clever wordplay], my verse-riddled corner of the blogoshpere. I’m an aspiring artist and writer, a perpetual student, INTP Thinker, Third Culture Kid, hardcore worldbuilder, and generally creative person, and I’ll wrap most of those things into the stories/worlds/artworks/poems I create. No promises, but lots of expectations. Follow my take on anything from fantasy, to emotions, to the sonnet, to pyrography, to why the Ulfbert was the most progressive sword of its time. Little things like that.

Jan 2/16

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