Daily Prompt: Foreign

On a whim, I checked the daily prompt and found myself instantly inspired by poignant reminders of my experience abroad – how no matter where I go, I am simultaneously always visiting, and yet constantly at home.

via. Daily Prompt: Foreign

in a word, i am
foreign in the culture i
call home
a backdrop of canadian swamp
shot through with tropics
where the jungles roam

where austrian roots and
lost romanian language skills have
little place
they stare with eyes that
judge my caucasian skin
and pinch my face

words like des and scho and
ned proclaim my subtle
southern tilt
no, we don’t pronounce
about: aboot – but still
they note my lilt

after six scant months
the vowels change though
even there
i was branded an anomaly
my english accent clear
through german air

i always thought my skin
should be dark or
my eyes white
something to denote – to warn
the everyman that i’m
not exactly right

yet fated ever to blend in
i stand out all the same
a danger
foreigner to mother-tongue
third culture kid, a
camouflaging stranger

Mar. 23/18
Image: Mandala, archival ink and coloured pencil on paper

One thought on “Daily Prompt: Foreign”

  1. This world is not our home. We are all sojourners here. Heaven is where the heart lies. All aliens on this planet. All destined to feel “not quite there” yet.

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