[You’ll Never Hear Me Say It]

This is shaping up to be a week of strange juxtapositions. I had this poem ready to go Monday evening, but somehow couldn’t put the finishing touches on it until today. Boredom and distraction strike all too quickly, and yet, there hardly seems enough time in each day to get some work done…. Anyways, all this dreary stuff to say that last weekend was a delight, and so, for once, I’ve got a joyful poem for you.

You’ll never hear me say it, but I’m

part of me wonders:
what did I miss?
those few days spent together
turned to ten years spent apart
and yet, we are richer for it

Somehow our friendship survived

the death of a parent
the deconstruction of our families
the gentle growth of new life
friendships, bridges built
on a foundation once crumbling

You’ll never hear me say it, but I
miss you.

part of me knows
we may never be the best of friends
but after these wonderful hours
you tell me “what are 24 days apart
compared to ten years?”

Somehow our friendship survives

naming it sisterhood changed everything
our perceptions and expectations
– suddenly that distance can’t
shake our faith away

And you’ll never hear me say it, but I
love you.

Oct 1/17
pen and pencil on paper

2 thoughts on “[You’ll Never Hear Me Say It]”

  1. I love what you wrote Miriam. It’s so wonderful that you could make that special visit back to Austria. In all the ups and downs of life God is still sovereign. Life sometimes doesn’t make sense…God remains the same and He is holding on to you! Hugs from Tita Debbie

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