Palace of my dreams (part II)

In truth, I’ve been writing this poem for
several months now, every few
days in my head.

I ascend the wooden stairways, go up
up through the heavy gate inset with a
sword, take two hundred (or so) steps
and begin again.

Palace of my dreams, small now, less
noble, less homey, less comfortable,
just… less.

I thought I’d be writing about the red
brick steps and the skylight windows,
soundproof rooms and familiar scents, yet
home has moved, as it so often
does, without us knowing
just yet.

Home moved to my sister, singing and
gym sleepovers, five years
my senior and ten years gone.

Home moved to the recognition of a
stranger and a strange place, bedecked with the
familiar glass doors, pine chairs,
familiar banners, spaces of worship,
familiar people, teachers, leaders,

Palace of my dreams, how did I not
notice you moved to your new house?

How did I not notice I’ve outgrown
you and yet found you anew,

Home, then
is where you are
plural, people
yet singular
– my God found
in three separate
where you whisper to me:
little sister,
welcome home.

August 26/17
(Yes, this is me posting part II without having poster part I. Just in case you wen’t looking for it.)

4 thoughts on “Palace of my dreams (part II)”

  1. Wow, MIrium. I love this piece. You lay your heart bare, every time. Sure miss you, little one. Allison and Heather send their love, too. Even Marlene (who is now in long term care and not doing well) told me you were on her mind last week, for some reason. She prayed for you. Great to see your smiling face on Facebook every now and then , too. Hope life is unfolding in a way that you can shine. xx Val

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