20 Feet/5300 Miles

Ascent: to rise and see your cares below
laid out like buds in blossom growing tall
no longer trapped by ice, yet blooming slow
those cares turn warm in summer, lost in fall

To Fall: descending from that highest perch
to muddling ground, where peaceful stories lie
they bask in fading sunlight, sometimes search
for answers to the seasons fading by

These Stories: in a word, more than a word
I tell them, though their purpose fades so soon
they clamor with the seasons to be heard
to rise and fall in cycles, wilt and bloom

so summer shrinks and fall begins to swell
our stories change; but do we change as well?

Jun 29/17

4 thoughts on “20 Feet/5300 Miles”

  1. Mirium, I sure hope you’re going to put these all in a book some day. I would call it “Musings by M”. They carry me away. Love them. Hidden meaning for all who have the opportunity to dive in. Hope you’re having a blast over the big pond. Come home safe. xx V

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks Val. Who knows, I may write a memoir sometime.

      I may be in Ontario for a little bit when I come back home. I’ll let you know if I am; maybe we can see each other again :)


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