Bonus poem this week, owing to my unfortunately sporadic posting habits. This one’s part sincere and part sarcastic… just thoughts about the little things that make an ordinary day worth living.


Today is a success
If I go to bed before midnight
but after nine o’clock
and fall asleep within an hour

Today is a success
If I eat vegetables with dinner
and don’t spend hours
wiling away on the computer
If I read before bed
If I make it through a TV episode
without crying

Today is a success
If the afternoon is productive
with video games
only serving to break up
the monotony of actual work
If I write two-and-a-half emails
and remember to save the draft

Today is a success
If I bother eating lunch
If I take a break from either
working hard or hardly working
If I don’t have too much dairy
(I’m lactose intolerant, you know)
If I have at least one conversation
If I manage to get outside the house
If I touch another human being
If I drink six cups of water
If I stick to snacks containing fruit
If I don’t draw blood
If I work on my self-proclaimed novel

Today is a success
If I get out of bed in the morning
If my sheets aren’t bloodstained
and my alarm works as planned
If I eat all of my breakfast
without throwing part of it away
and don’t spend too much time reading
before I turn to my chores
If I brush my teeth
and manage to smile

Today is a success
If I even wake up
If I remember part of my dreams
but not all of them
and if those dreams
retain some modicum of contentment

Feb 24/17
Detail, acrylic on paper


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