[Fresh outta art school]

Fresh outta art school
I’m quickly realizing that
those 6-hour classes with
dreadlocked, tattooed classmates
weren’t part of the real world

Instead, reality sets in
when I’m sitting one seat away
from anyone else
in the crowded, small-scale auditorium
of a local university

I see the group I might belong to
– the smart kids, but
with coloured streaks in their hair
and clothes that are
just a little too baggy
or that have spikes sewn into
the ripped up seams

It’s like high school, really
with all the boys and all the girls
dividing into little circles
with little serrated teeth
Circles drawn with invisible lines
as clear as the besmirched glasses
I look through as the lights darken

Words are spoken, I think
and I realize one of the problems
is that they all believe in opinions
as if they were facts
– as if we could all disagree
on the finer points of reality
without making fools of ourselves
(and our education)

Then, when the lights flicker
and our shallow footsteps
return to the world of material possessions
I realize one other thing
just before I leave this reality
for the icy sidewalks
of my hour-long walk home

I am a simple being
somehow trapped in an artificial web
A little soul
apart from all these little circles
with equally little thoughts
and big ambitions

I am still apart
– Apart, but a part nonetheless –
and I ponder this with an ironic smile
as I force myself to get up
knees stiff, hips protesting
– as if I am already old and
perhaps even wise

Jan 10/17

2 thoughts on “[Fresh outta art school]”

  1. I love your poems. You are a beautiful unique young woman that has an amazing future that God has prepared for you. I know your Mom’s life is an inspiration to you as it is to all of us who knew her. Hugs to you! Love Ate Debbie

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