Haiku for the Braindead

It’s that time of the year again: the semester’s end, where the days consist of more schoolwork than sleep, the nerds run for cover, and the all-nighters begin. I call it Haiku Season – cause seventeen syllables is about all I’ve got brainpower for.

This little collection of haiku is a compilation of both my sister’s and my work. If you want to see more of my sister’s poetry, you can check out her blog. My haiku are marked with an M, while hers are denoted with an E.


You are a nice fish
swim swim swim swim swim away
shark bait ooh ha ha

Another haiku
for you so far away still.
Why you no text me?


I texted you like
Two friggen hours ago
Why you no reply?


I am at school now
WiFi sucks on my iPhone
dis is all I got


If you need a break
or some terrible haiku
I am at your service

Haiku comics make
studying micro-bi better.
At least I hope so

My flower is done
So please go check your iPhone
I sent you a pic


You got me so hyped
for the coolest haiku but
this cannot be it.


My haiku are crap
but that’s to be expected
cause it’s finals week

Dec 4/16
Image: steel crocus – part of my final blacksmithing project

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