INFJs and other genuinely decent persons

INFJs can range from refreshingly unconventional to inhumanly strange. It’s really hard to pinpoint them because they’re just so… different. Even for people.

The easiest way to spot an INFJ is to find their cause. Pretty much all INFJs have some grand cause they see as their mission in life – whether its educating others, spreading the joy of music, protecting kids from abuse, or campaigning for the environment. INFJs stick to their cause like burrs, and it is this cause that ends up defining a lot of who they are… for better or worse.

As an INTP, it is hard to know what exactly to expect from any INFJs you encounter, as it all depends on what they stand for. Some INFJs may of course not have found their cause yet, in which case they are even harder to pinpoint or categorize. However, if you know an INFJ’s cause it becomes easier to deal with them as you can simply filter your experiences of them through the lens of what they stand for. You will find that INFJs make excellent advocates, and should you need them for something that aligns with their cause, they will help with everything they have.

This “I’ll give it my all” phenomenon is both interesting to observe and potentially fatal to the INFJs exhibiting it. Because they are so devoted to a cause or problem, INFJs can become lost in their vision and forget to take care of themselves. Another pitfall of the INFJ is the fact that they are often surrounded by negativity – after all, they generally campaign against negative things. This can drain an INFJ, or, if their cause is taken away or they are oppressed by someone else, can lead them to sink into despair.

However, if given the personal space to recharge, INFJs thrive under difficult circumstances and tirelessly make the world a better place. They are creatures of both action and comfort, and after a long day hard at work fighting for what they believe in, they’ll still be there to listen to you rant about the time your Mesocricetus auratus succumbed to a respiratory infection*.


In terms of their appearance, INFJs are not easy to identify as they usually fit in well with the rest of society. However, many INFJs will have some sort of funky trademark look that serves to set them apart from others, whether it be a streak of dyed hair, a pair of bright glasses, a propensity for only accessorizing in purple, or a certain love for patterned skirts.

Furthermore, many INFJs can be spotted by the liquid sympathy that is generally found dripping from their fingers wherever they go (watch out for puddles left on the floor), as well as a participant sticker, or similar badge, of their cause. As always, exhibit caution when approaching one of these individuals, and please remember: floors are slippery when wet.

Stay tuned for an INTP’s view of the ISTP, coming soon to an internet connection near you.

Nov 19/16
*in non-INTP English you would express this as “the time your hamster died”

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