INFPs and other unicorns

If you are an INTP, INFPs are your partners in crime. Though you have to make sure not to offend them by speaking the absolute truth, they generally understand you quite well… sometimes more than you really want them to.

Together you can accomplish almost anything, as long as it isn’t overly ambitious or useful. In fact, both your talents are best suited to connoisseuring gelato, climbing publicly-owned buildings (shhh), playing league of legends, and having serious conversations about the fallacies of established social norms and institutions. Of course, the above list may vary based on your mutual interests.

The typical INFP will always have their trusty spirit animal by their side. Although opinions about whether or not this spirit animal is visible to others vary, the view that this spirit animal definitely exists has remained largely undisputed by the scientific community, given how well it explains the INFP’s propensity for speaking to the emptiness and excusing their actions with explanations like “I was channeling my inner unicorn.”


A second telltale characteristic of the INFP is the small but surprisingly accurate emotion indicator commonly found on their right shirtsleeve. This magical device is the original source of the phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve,” and can be used to determine an INFP’s mood, emotional state, and flavor-of-the-week within two amorphous-fairy-dust-particles of accuracy. And in case you’re wondering – no, we INTPs have yet to figure out exactly how accurate that actually is. We studied the problem, got bored with it, handed it to the nearest INTJ, and then forgot all about it two seconds later.

Anyways, back to INFPs….

Though you may occasionally get flabbergasted by an INFP’s wide range of emotions, you should realize that not all types are as restrained as INTPs tend to be. INFPs may be illogical and confusing, but they make up for that by being fun and 100%-no-additives-added-all-natural-flavours genuine, and we… hesitantly admire them for it.

Stay tuned for an INTP’s view of the INFP’s rarely-seen cousin, the INFJ, coming next week to a Saturday near you.

Nov 05/16

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