Star Gazers

Distance is what makes me feel
I’m closer to you
Just like the stars
which we must still compare
with simple, earthly dreams
While the space between defines
what measures we have foreseen
and how close together
we could have existed

You take time in your hands
when you think and speak
Softly words from your lips
dance upon the breathless air
until they meet my ears
And though my darkest fears
are those of dusky shades
your words are lithe winds
that slow my heartbeat

This fine, poetic gaze
may rest upon the heartbeats of stars
Yet truth be told
it rests in my mind and on you
For on those days when I
have again forgotten who I am
I seek the starred night
and the glowing memory
of the damp grass on our backs
the soft wind and starlight
and the whispers that I fight
to keep alive

April 25/14


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