Trying to Sleep? Here’s a sonnet

Another older poem – I’m not certain, but it may actually be the first sonnet I ever wrote. I think it’s quite appropriate considering how hard it can be to fall asleep when all the delightful stresses of school and life just keep coming at you…

The place I find the world’s most useless space
is in the void that forms inside my head
when I, too late a-bed, still hide my face
because the thoughts inside are dark and dead
With turmoil turning souls bright in my mind
I try pretend I love my lonely end
I hold the taunts inside the thoughts I find
and hug my pillow as I would a friend
The smiling madness turns the darkness grey
it shivers, subtly turning me, and then
the words that have been said to me today
seem written with blood ink and death’s own pen
Yet though the bleak and sleepless night is long
calm thoughts, light words, and sunshine come at dawn

Feb 25/14
Acrylic and India Ink on paper

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