The Day

A slightly older poem. This one’s about daydreams.

Day starts with a sunrise
and it ends
with a little fit in blue
And riding on the green hills
with the cloudy sky
underneath my wheels
– I fly on wings
I never knew I had

While these days
we’re just kicking
little pebbles with our shoes
And holding on to old fences
Well I never knew
why barbed wire
hurts like you do
And it’s so tempting too

Late now, we’re falling
and it’s cold
blue water and black sky
We’re walking on the green hills
and the brilliant stars
are in your eyes
– I know we all lie
but I like you

But it’s just the dusty rain
on my dreams
With the little start of waking
I realize that the dew
is breaking my sight
Inside my tears
is your reflection
when it ends

It ends in silence
and I walk away

Aug 9/14
Photograph taken in the Haliburton Sculpture Forest

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