Now You See Them….


….Now You Don’t.

This piece (both the poem below and the woodburning) are a response I made upon watching a documentary on missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. (You can find the documentary here). I was shocked at what I found out – that countless Indigenous women have been murdered or are missing, and that efforts to find them have been, in some cases, lacking.

What stuck with me, however, wasn’t the numbers. It was the names. The faces. The families, grieving their lost daughters, sisters, and mothers.

This is not merely a Canadian problem, and I encourage both my Canadian and American (and International) followers to watch the documentary and educate themselves on an issue that is incredibly important, yet somehow often overlooked.

Now You See Them; Now You Don’t

Now I see you

The way a mirror sees
itself, somehow

Just thinking back to
magic tricks, and
making the truth disappear

I saw you through
a window today, but
that window
wasn’t clean

I saw boxes, how
you were born outside
the box, then chained to
the window as you grew
into your red dress

I saw the flowers
your people chained to
your fence, because
your DNA wasn’t enough
wasn’t white enough
to be found

All that’s left of
your body is dirt
and somehow I can
believe that, because
they told me so

They told me I would
like this magic trick, but
I don’t think I
like it at all

I’ve never seen a window
this dirty before
you know

I’m just stuck, staring
through the glass

Wondering what happened

Apr 7/16
wood burning, gel pen, and willow charcoal on birch plywood
inspired by Finding Dawn, title taken from Thomas King’s The Truth About Stories, pg 133

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