The Forest’s Edge

This week’s poetry (a day late, I know) is a guest poem by my “little” brother….

As it swayed in the breeze at the forest’s edge
I saw nature perform a dance
The grass in perfect motion with Mother Earth’s breaths
when suddenly the winds changed
turning the dance into a battle

The roar of mechanical giants came from afar
They engaged the trees who offered little resistance
one by one

I was forced to flee
galloping into the forest without a trace
The hours passed
My stomach pleaded for food

I left to find where the tall grass danced
I heard shouts coming from behind remaining trees
and with on last moment of freedom I turned
only to fall down hearing nothing but a brief BOOM

When I awoke I was taller than all and couldn’t feel my legs
Inside a cave of wood accompanied by family
I stared infinitely at the monsters consuming my flesh

Jan 22/16

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