Beautiful Things

These beautiful things
So hard to make ’em last
We hunger through the day
Yet in the night we fast
From all the things we crave
‘Cause they can never last
And always they escape
To dreams where we begin again
And leave our worlds of glass

We see through all the pictures
The smiles and glances right
We hug and kiss and make love
But we never stop and fight
For all the things we hope for
For we think these things alright
If we simply believe
And avoid the haunting thoughts
That still visit us at night

And even if we fight this
If we commit and pray
There’s no God-given promise
That things will work out today
We like to point our fingers
And hunt some promised prey
Yet we can never know
The threads we wish to weave ourselves
Into the perfect way

And still

These beautiful things
So hard to hold on fast
Turn my life into joy
As long as they still last
I know I will remember
I know there’s more to see
But these beautiful things
Retain a silent grief inside
Their short-lived rush of racing tide

Jul 31/15

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